To define SEO is not an easy task. It’s changing all the time. In 2014 the SEO definition might sound something like this: Everything done to ensure getting found on the internet and to make sure that the ensuing traffic converts.

You haven’t done SEO yet? You have no content? Your site consists mainly of Flash, AJAX or simple graphics? There are a lot of reasons why your site might not be ranking and some of them might be poor or no backlink profile, black hat SEO in the past, slow website load speed, duplicate content on the site, etc. All of these factors and more will be analyzed during your SEO campaign by our experts in order to fix all SEO on-site and off-site issues.

You probably need to disable personalized search. If you login to your Google account and do the search you will see different results than the average searcher. Google might shuffle and change the results based on your preferences, previous search history, your location, your browser and etc. We know the way search engines work and can provide you detailed instruction on how to check your rankings.

Do you sell iPhones? Are you a representative of Apple? Do you sell iPhones globally or just nation-wide? Do you want to spend $50k+ on SEO monthly? Then maybe yes.

If you are Jeff Bezos and your site is you probably can. In all other cases you have to choose and set preferences based on your budget. SEO is getting pricier these days and a 5-10 keyword campaign could cost you $500-2000/month depending on the market. You have to determine your main keywords, a few of them, and go after them. Your main keywords are the most popular and profitable ones. A hotel in Toronto would go after "hotel toronto" probably and similar combinations.

How much does a car cost, or a house? First we need to know what kind of car or house you need then we can try to assess the price. Otherwise we can just say somewhere in between 500 and 1 million dollars per month. Everything below $500 is low quality and/or automated. An average price for optimizing each keyword in our company could cost anywhere between $100 and $300 per month depending on the level of competitiveness, previous SEO history of the website, targeted regions and etc.

Why are cars and houses so expensive? Because it takes lots of time, resources and work to build them. SEO makes your website earn money where just setting up and designing it does not. At the end of the day SEO earns more money than it takes. Also remember that SEO is not just like a house or car. It’s more like a shop or a hotel when it comes to the house metaphor and it’s more like a race car when it comes to the car metaphor - it brings money back to you.

Don't do that! After the Google Penguin and Panda era 1000 backlinks will only blacklist your website (by manual or algorithmic penalty from Google) and your website will not see the top 10 in the next year or so. The right question will be can you rank my website in top 10 and how long will it take. One backlink from a reputable website that fully complies with recent Google algorithm updates can help more that 10,000 low quality backlinks.

Depending on your site you may or may not need one.

Designers in most cases underestimate the importance of SEO and misunderstand it. They assume that the designer should decide how a website should be built and when the site is done. They, or rather their clients, realize that they’re not even indexed by Google. SEO should be part of website design and not just an addon. An open minded designer can provide a good findable site architecture that works for SEO as well. There are a lot of manuals and outdated SEO tutorials on the internet that will not work in 2014 and beyond. If you don’t know the SEO industry or don’t have enough experience in the field you might accidentally blacklist your website. This will cause a significant amount of loss in traffic, ranking and business.

SEO is a full time job for one person or requires a whole team with several skills ranging from web development and content creation to marketing to work on the site to make it rank top 10. SEO is a complex process which requires daily analysis, content assessment, off-site submissions, and so on. Unless you have at least one experienced full time SEO inhouse it is strongly advised to seek assistance from a SEO company or consultant.

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