Common Onsite SEO Mistakes

The beginning of a New Year is always a good time to regroup and plan ahead by focusing on some of the developments you can expect to see in the New Year. For Toronto SEO marketers, 2014 should be an interesting year, with a number of trends and developments to look forward to. Nevertheless, it is no secret that search engines have been working hard to improve the quality of their results. This is reason enough to need to step up your game if you hope to have a successful 2014 for your business. Provided in this article are some common on-site SEO mistakes that you should avoid.

Keeping in mind the everchanging nature of SEO, it can get hard to keep up with the constantly changing 'best practices'. It is in light of this that one should consider some of the most common on-site SEO mistakes to avoid;

Common Onsite SEO Mistakes

1. Failure to regularly update site

No one wants to visit a site that was last updated in 2005. With this in mind, consider regularly updating your site by including fresh content and adding new pages or blog posts at least once or twice a week. Most marketers will only consider updating their site when they carry out a full site redesign, this is something that should be avoided. Of course, it will take time and might even cost you to have these regular updates, but the end result is always worth the effort. On-site optimization is not only about targeting the right keywords; rather it is more about providing the best online experience for your visitors. Other than entertaining your visitors, search engines also like dynamic content. The more search engines crawl through your site and find new and relevant information, the more search engines will keep crawling back to your site to update and index the updated content, at the end of it all, you stand to benefit from better rank and increased traffic.

2. Duplicate versions of the home page

One of the easiest ways to find out whether you have duplicate versions or not is to click on the logo in your site header. Does it take you to the official version of your homepage? For example, if your homepage is'', is that where you land once you click on the logo? Experts reveal that at least 50% of audited sites will take you to '' or '' when you click on the logo, a clear indication of the massive numbers of people unaware of this common on-site SEO mistake. The solution to this problem is to 301 direct all duplicate versions of the homepage URL to the official homepage version that you want your visitors to see and rank on Google. If this isn't possible, then ensure the duplicate versions of the URL have canonical tags on them pointing to the official version of the URL.

On a slightly different note, duplicate title tags also have a detrimental effect on your on-site SEO. Even though having an optimized title tag for your homepage is highly advised, ensure that it is not the only title tag in your site. Unless you only have a single keyword to rank for and only want one page to get ranked, ensure you have different title tags for different pages, avoid duplicate title tags.

3. Hiring mediocre SEO services

Most often than not, this is the root of all problems in SEO. You want to get the best SEO services but aren't willing to look for a professional and competent SEO agency due to high costs. As you can imagine, the end result is always grimy and marred with regrets. If you are a site owner who's after success, you owe it to yourself to dedicate some time towards getting the best SEO service. You may have in-demand products with an equally wonderful working attitude, but without proper SEO, all these attributes will be put to waste. Do not let this common on-site SEO mistake kill your goals! Get recommendations from colleagues and friends, read these tips on finding the best SEO experts, attend webinars and meet-ups to get to know what you stand to gain, but best of all constantly update yourself on the latest trends in SEO to ensure that you are getting nothing short of the best. At the very least, make sure that you have Google analytic set, and Google webmaster tools installed in order to closely monitor your site for any errors.

4. Choosing the wrong keywords

Each of your pages should be optimized for just a handful of keywords; one or two is best advisable. This makes visitors easily find your page whenever they use a search engine to search for a keyword that you have optimized for. If you optimize for the right keywords, you are bound to get an increase in traffic from visitors looking for your type of products and services. However, if you do the opposite and optimize for the wrong keywords you will attract the wrong audience and therefore fail to increase your traffic or improve your ranking. Using a keyword research tool can help you get an idea of the frequency in which a particular keyword is used in a month, this way, you are able to optimize your site for a keyword that is popular and most likely to be used. In addition, stuffing your pages with keyword phrases isn’t recommended either, remember that the content is meant for human consumption and not just for robots. Weave in the keywords into your content such that they fit in naturally and do not disrupt the flow of the information being offered.

5. Forgetting the meta description

The meta description is a brief text that describes to the visitors what the page is about before they click. This description should be below 160 characters and should convince the visitor that the page is the most informative and relevant compared to the others. This often poses a challenge for most site owners and thus is often left out. Do not commit the same mistake. If you do leave out this description search engines will randomly grab a portion of text from your page and display it. Your meta description heavily affects how your site gets ranked, ensure that you include your targeted keyword in the description.

It doesn't matter what type of site you have, whether personal or business. Avoiding these mistakes and incorporating the best on-site SEO techniques will ensure you receive more traffic and ultimately achieve greater success for your website and your business.

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