A Quick and Easy Google SEO Guide

If you are interested in making your site as successful as possible, you will need to focus on search engine optimization. Tackling SEO for the first time can be very challenging, but this quick and easy Google SEO guide will help you get on the right track.

Determine Your Target Audience

Before you can start marketing your site for search engines, you will need to determine the target audience that you should be marketing to. For example, if you are simply using your website as a means of advertising your brick-and-mortar business, you will probably want to target your site to local individuals instead of to the entire world. If you want to run a successful online business or a website that provides useful information, products or services to people from all over the country and world, however, you probably won't want to focus on local keywords.

Figure Out the Best Keywords

You shouldn't just come up with keywords off of the top of your head; instead, you will need to use various tools and resources to determine which keywords have the least competition while still getting lots of searches. Fortunately, you don't have to be a mind-reader to get this information; there are a lot of tools that you can use that are free or that don't cost a lot of money. If you are more serious about your SEO efforts, however, you can invest in more costly but helpful tools.

Create the Best Content

This is probably the most important tip of any Google SEO guide -- it is essential to create high-quality yet keyword-rich content for your website. Your content should have some keywords in it so that your site will rank on the search engines, but you should also make sure that it is of a high quality and that it is useful for your readers. If your content isn't good, Google will penalize you, and those who do stumble across your site won't find it to be as useful or interesting and might turn to your competitors instead.

Build Backlinks

Backlinks can help ensure that your site ranks high in the search engines, but it is important to go about things the right way when creating them. You should consider posting interesting articles that are related to your niche on various highly-respected websites, and you should use a handful of keywords in each article. When creating backlinks, however, make sure that you only post them on respectable sites and that you don't spam; otherwise, the search engines could penalize you and even remove your site from the search engine listings completely.

Do Your Research

Reading a Google SEO guide or two and doing a bit of your own research can help you be even more successful at your search engine optimization efforts. Fortunately, there are lots of ebooks, online guides, blogs, forums and more that can help.

Hiring a professional SEO company to handle your SEO can also be a good idea, particularly if you don't know much about SEO or simply don't have the time to learn more about it.

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